Affiliate Guide to Choosing and
Writing Website Content

Content is the life-blood of every website. It is the reason people visit your site and basis for how search engines rank your site's pages.

Considering how vital your site's content is, here is a guide to help you choose and write content for your affiliate website:

Channel your passion

Choose a topic in which you are passionately interested, and create a website around that theme. If you're a football fan, make a site about football. If you're a basketball fan, build a site around basketball.

Then select affiliate programs which closely fit the theme of your site and blend them into the site, using text links.

The biggest advantage of creating a site based on a topic you are passionate about is that you will enjoy running your website and it will feel more like a hobby than a job.

Select your target or niche

A quick Google or Yahoo search reveals a lot of big and established sportsbook, football, basketball, and baseball sites. Undoubtedly, it is daunting to compete against them for site visitors.

One way to compete against big sites is to target a small niche. Football is a huge sport. The NFL is a big league. The Superbowl is an enormous event. But in between, there are curious and targeted topics that you can write about like Superbowl trivia - topics the usually crop up in props bets.

The more targeted your content, the more likely it will be picked up be search engines.

Keep it tightly knit

Writing fresh and updated content can be quite a drag sometimes, even if you're deeply passionate about the topic. Sometimes we may allow ourselves to deviate from our site's theme.

Though occasional deviations may provide you and your readers a welcome respite from the site's theme, it would be best to keep the site's overall content tightly knit.

Write from first-hand experience

Certain topics, like medical professionals giving advice, require experts. But if you're site is about sports, you don't have to be a sports expert to write content - just write from first-hand experience.

Have you made a winning bet? Share the experience. Tell the world how you made your choice!

Have you been to a ballgame? Have you heard how loud the fans were and how it intimidated the opposing team? Home court advantage is an X-factor in determining the winner of any ballgame and crucial to picking a winner.

Lay it out on the line

Just like the blueprint for a house, your content should have an outline. An outline keeps your content focused and keeps it from going out-of-topic.

A good outline prioritizes the more important details at the beginning of the article. We all know that online readers are always in a rush to get the information they need, so putting important details first keeps them from clicking away from your site.

Watch your language

I don't mean the vulgar type. Some sites get away with scandalous language. But be watchful of bad grammar spelling errors.

You might have the most compelling topic but if it's poorly written, site visitors will surely leave your site in earnest.

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