Affiliate Guide to
Choosing a Domain Name

Did you know that computers recognize websites as numbers?

Every computer connected to the Internet has its own address presented with formatted numbers such as 123.456.74.33 (an IP address). It is very hard to remember, isn't it?

So "domain names" were developed to mask IP addresses. Domain names are a lot easier to remember.

Your domain name is practically the short description of your site. Here's a guide to choosing a domain name for your beloved site:

  • your domain name should contain the most important keywords describing the theme of your site

  • of course it should be easy to remember and not too long

  • add a prefix. You can be sure that available one word domains are very hard to find today, but by adding prefix and/or suffix to your main keyword you can still find some available domain names

  • make a list of ten or more keywords connected to your site theme. Combine these in various ways for more choices

  • check the availability of the names you listed. Go to and enter your chosen domain name into the search box. If the domain name is taken, you will see the registrant's information, if it is not yet taken, you will see a link to registration page.

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