Affiliate Program Dictionary

301 redirect - server response code when a page or the domain is moved permanently. Used to redirect an old page or domain name to new one.

302 redirect - server response code when a page or the domain is moved temporarily. If you are going to have error codes, you should add the more common ones such as 404, 403, etc.

Affiliate ID - number or nickname used in your affiliate links provided by the affiliate network to track your referrals.

Affiliate link - a link on web page that contains your affiliate ID used to track referrals.

Affiliate networks - companies connecting affiliates and merchants. It is the shortest way to find suitable products or services to promote.

Affiliate program - an affiliate program involves merchants and affiliates, where the merchant pays the affiliate a certain commission for referrals.

anchor text - used in SEO articles or forums, it is link title, underlined clickable text on web page. Link "TITLE" is attribute of link (anchor) tag.

BL or b/l - Backlinks, links from other sites to yours, link back. Also called two-way linking or reciprocal linking.

Black Hat - methods or tactics used by spammers to get better position on search engines. This is also used to describe unscrupulous methods to hijack your affiliate ID to they can be credited instead.

Conversion Rate - the ratio between clicks and number of leads/sales. For example 100 clicks, 5 sales, Conversion Rate is 5%.

CPA Networks - same as affiliate networks, but CPA is often used these days. CPA means Cost Per Action, and includes Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale.

CPA, PPL (Cost Per Action, Pay per Lead) - when your site visitors clicks on an affiliate link and signs up for membership, leaving his info. This is considered a Lead or Action, and the merchant pays a fixed commission to the affiliate.

CPC, PPC (Cost per Click, Pays per click) - for affiliates, that is how much the merchant pays you when visitor clicks on the affiliate link.

CTR - Click-through rate. Ratio between ad displays and clicks on that ad.

EPC (Earned per click) - the ratio between earned commission and number of clicks can show if that product is worth to promote.

FYI - For Your Information

IM - Internet Marketing

IMHO - In My Humble Opinion

inbound links - linking inside of a site. Link from one page to some other page on the same web site.

incoming and outgoing links - Links from other sites (incoming) and link to the other site (outgoing)

Landing page - a web page (on merchant site) where visitor is redirected after he clicks on affiliate link.

Lead - refers to the collected information from site referrals and signups.

List building - getting subscribers to mailing list, in most cases, offering some "free" report, ebook.

Name / Squeeze page - a page purposely designed to get more subscribers to a mailing list. Usually contains a mail subscription form.

Natural Traffic - sometime referred to as organic traffic means traffic from search engines, free traffic.

Opt-in - when a visitor opts-in to subscribe to a newsletter or e-zine. Double opt-in means the visitor must confirm his subscription by responding to an email.

outbound links - one-way links from other sites

Outsourcing - when some other group or person is doing your work like writers, programmers, web-designers, etc.

PPC search engine - Pay Per Click search engine, where webmasters are bidding to get better position. More you pay for visitor's click, your site is higher positioned.

PPS - Pays per sale is when visitor buys something, in this case, commission is percent of sale price.

ROI - Return on investment

SE -search engine

SE spider - search engine spider or crawler is are used to index web site pages

SEO - Search engine optimization

SERP or SERPS - Search engine result pages, listing, results when searching, also natural or organic listing

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