Affiliate Guide to Analyzing
Website Statistics

A wealth of information can be generated from website statistics.

The website statistic tool provided by your hosting company will oftentimes be enough for average webmasters. But if you want more detailed reports, you can try Google analytics - its easy to use, easy to install and best of all, its free!

Here's our guide to analyzing your website statistic:

A good place to start analyzing your website statistics is to look at traffic sources - either from direct traffic, search engines, referring sites, etc.

A good domain name pushes direct web traffic. Your search engine optimization efforts are reflected by traffic referred by search engines. Meanwhile, visits from referring sites are driven by links on other websites.

If you feel that direct traffic is a bit low, establish your domain name as a brand so people will have an easier time recalling it.

If you think that you are fine in terms of search engine traffic, include related content on pages that rank high on search engines so you can make visitors stay longer on your website.

If you feel that traffic from referring sites is low, offer link exchanges, post on forums and social networks to spread your website's link.

Another vital website statistic to look at is the geographic location of your site visitors.

For example, you're an affiliate of a site that offers products and services for those in United States only. You're site gets tons of visitors a month but you're not earning anything. Because when you look at the geographic location of you visitors, they are all from outside the US.

It this happens, it is wise to look for an affiliate program that caters to the geographic location of your site visitors or increase your efforts to attract visitors that is served by your current affiliate program.

Another important website statistic to look at is your top content, top pages or frequently read pages. This way, you can see what type of information your site visitors are looking at so you can offer related content and supplemental information. Make sure to provide links to other related pages of your site from your top pages.

Lastly, look at your navigation summary so you can see which links or banners your visitors are clicking. Some say banners should be placed on the left, other experts say it should be placed on the right. But the best gauge is your own website!

There are a lot of other metrics that you should look at in your website statistics report. But the ones we've mentioned above should help you on your way to promoting your website better.

Remember, website statistics provide an intimate insight on how visitors behave on your site. Fine tune your strategies based on what people are actually doing at your website, how they got there, and where they left.

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