Affiliate Guide to Choosing a Webhost

Webhosts keep websites available on the internet. And the frequent questions is - who is the best webhost?

Simply put, the best webhost is the one who most, if not all, of your needs. Only you can say which webhost is the best for your own site.

Here's a guide which you should carefully look into when choosing a webhost.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting means that many sites are hosted on the same IP, what could be a problem when your site is hosted along with search engine spammer sites. Search engines do not normally ban an entire shared IP address due to spammers, but sometimes that could happen.

So, a shared hosting account with "unlimited" domains offer maybe something to avoid. A dedicated IP could solve that possible problem with search engines and it is not that big of an investment.

When searching for a reliable shared web host host, visit to see if the web hosts that you are considering are also hosting blacklisted or "spammy" sites. Search engines may flag your own site if they see that it is hosted in the same server as the dubious ones.

The DNS (Domain Name Servers) listed (such as NS1, NS2)for a specific domain can show you where that domain is hosted. Although this is not always the case, if you search for listed DNS, you will probably find an DNS setup FAQ page from hosting provider where those domains are hosted.

SEO webhosting

Search engine optimization webhosting is the latest buzz. When using shared hosting you cannot do extensive linking between websites on the same IP address since search engines might penalize you., Therefore you need separate hosting accounts for each website so you can havedifferent IP addresses. SEO webhosting solves this problem by offering different C class (IP address = A.B.C.D) for each website under one account.

Your cost would be about the same as having a separate account for each site. The advantage is much less headache than having separate hosting accounts. But stop and think. who will use this type of hosing? And who will later blacklist this practice?

Server location

Server location is important too. If you plan to promote a site for USA based visitors, you will shouldn't buy webhosting in China. Your webhosting should be near your target market. If your target market is in the USA, buy hosting in USA and get .com or a .net domain name. If you are targeting another country, buy hosting in that country and register a domain with that Country extension if it is possible. Server response is faster for visitors when is the server is located in target Country, and search engines, including Google,will give you a boost in local searches.

On many webhosting company sites it is possible to find where data servers are located and how they are connected to the internet. To figure out a server location, you can also use on the tools you can find at

Server Up Time

Nobody can guarantee 100% Up Time. Servers are computers. There is maintenance, rebooting, among other things. Because of that the concept of 99,9% uptime was "invented".

Hosting Plans

Keep in mind that your small site might be big one day, so be sure that you can upgrade to more space and bandwidth. Which plan you take depends of what kind of web site you plan to host. PHP and MySQL are recommended. If you don't need these now, you will later on. If not for the first site, maybe for your second or third.

One month, three months, six months, year, what should you choose? If there is an option for one month, go for it. Test the webhosting company so you can decide if it is worth it. Yes, I know that a one year subscription is cheaper, but it can be more expensive when your host is not reliable. Go for a year only if you are sure that the web host is good . Be sure to check if they offer any kind of money back guarantees.

Free domain or paid domain? If a "free" domain is offered with a hosting account, take it, but be sure that the domain is registered to your name/company.

How many domains, subdomains should you get? Five, six, unlimited domains? Every add-on domain is a potential new site. So more domains mean more websites. But then all these domains are dependent on the same server. What this means is if the server is down, all your sites are down.

Carefully check hosting plans and compare with your needs. Look for hidden charges such as setup fees and additional offers.

Also take a look at the fine print at the bottom, avoid hosting companies who are pushing only advantages of their offer with big letters. Always look for a small print, there is always some catch behind the big offers, especially if offer sounds too good to be true.

Save on webhosting

There is big competition in this field, and every hosting company is doing everything they can to get more customers; there are always promotions and coupons around. When you subscribe for 2 years or more you can save, but go that route only if you are sure that the web company is reliable.

Web host support

It is nice to see a web host that has support forums open to the public. This means they have nothing to hide. And forums are a good pre-selling tool, even when there are problems with servers. But in the end there is no webhosting without problems. If you see a support forum and large knowledge base, you can be sure that support is good. Support is important, and it will be good to make a few test calls to test their response.

Additional checking

So you've checked your webhosting company out in the forums and found nothing bad. Now go to and check their domain registration date. How long have they been in the webhosting business? Reseller accounts are not expensive. Anyone can become a host and sell webhosting to you. If that hosting company is new you can't be sure that they will be there next year.

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